Long-Range Wireless Charger

IR-Based Wireless Power at a Distance

Unveiled at CES 2020, our product portfolio enables long range wireless charging for variety of different products & venues. We are ramping with powering smart connected IoT applications such as smart retail, building automation, smart home, digital advertising, touchless appliances, industrial sensors and many more.
One transmitter can power many devices across a 200 square meter (2,000 sqft) area. Integrated into 10 partner products and deployed in the US and Israel, Wi-Charge is leading the wireless power revolution.

By using the Wi-Charge R1 transmitter edge devices can enjoy 10-100X more power than batteries, enabling them to offer new improved capabilities and elevated UX without the hassle of replacing or disposing of batteries.



The revolutionary AirCord™ “power at a distance” technology by Wi-Charge enables manufactures of mobile, IoT and smart devices to free their customers from power cords, battery replacement and charging pads. These wireless chargers are available to power existing products or enable new designs.





Wi-Charge products comply with worldwide safety regulations:

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