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Wirelessly Powered Smart Door Locks

With a smart door lock, you can remotely lock or unlock the door, check door status, grant virtual guest keys, and use your favorite voice assistant to control your door.

Smart Locks provide a tremendous amount of convenience to homeowners and property managers of multi-tenant buildings, Airbnb's, and single-family rental 


Current Limitations

Battery power is the limiting factor.
anufacturers limit smart features to preserve battery life and 
end users are concerned that if batteries run out, they will get locked out. This is particularly an issue with office buildings, hotels, and AirBnbs that need more remote access and safety features.

AirCord Advantages

Unleash the full potential with wireless power.
Users don't need to worry about batteries dying or complex wired installations. Manufacturers can add power-hungry features such as dynamic wireless connectivity, face recognition, live video, corridor night light, and much more.

Possible Deployments

Wireless powered smart locks are a great asset to hospitality properties like hotels and resorts, as well as commercial property management for MDU apartments and condominiums. They are also extremely useful to homeowners, Airbnb property managers. or anyone who wants a smarter home.

Partner with us today!

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