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AirCord™ Specifications

IR-based wireless power transmitters for smart devices

AirCord™ “power at a distance” technology is an IR based power system that enables manufactures of mobile, IoT, and other smart devices to free their customers from power cords, charging pads, and dying batteries. The technology can be used to power existing products or enable new designs.

Our wireless power transmitters provide continuous over-the-air wireless charging at a distance. One transmitter is capable of powering multiple devices across a 130 sqm (1,400 sqft) area. By using the R1 transmitter, edge devices can enjoy 10-100X more power than batteries, enabling them to offer newly improved capabilities and elevated UX without the hassle of replacing or disposing batteries.

Transmitter Specifications

R1 Wireless Power Transmitter
Track Light Charger.png
Track Light Charger

Receiver Specifications

Wireless Power Receiver (other forms available)
receiver w qtr.png

Transmitter Capabilities 

The R1-100 transmitter can power multiple devices simultaneously from a distance. 

Wi-Charge R1-100

For Website.png

10 meter range

10 Electric Toothbrushes

20 Arlo Pro 4 cams

80 Moen touchless faucets

50 Yale assure smart locks

2,000 Electronic Price Tags

Wi-Charge products comply with worldwide safety regulations:

Safety regulated
Transmitter Capabilities
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