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A vision of efficient and sustainable long-range wireless power

Wi-Charge was founded by a team of visionaries who imagine a world where devices are charged over-the-air without user interference, and our planet is no longer littered with wires and disposable batteries. Backed by 10 years of deep R&D, our AirCord™ technology has won multiple awards, funding grants, and honorary mentions.

With regulatory approval worldwide and a dominant IP position of 150+ patents, Wi-Charge is proving itself to be a world leader in safe, efficient, and sustainable long-range wireless power.

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Our team is a combination of personalities and backgrounds, people who embody our passion for sustainability and out of the box thinking. Our founding members have achieved successful exits in former tech ventures and are veterans of Israel's elite technology sector. But we are all motivated to create the impossible, whether it's a world without wires or oven pizza in a shopping cart.


Are you interested in being part of the future of wireless technology? We are looking for people who are ambitious and team players who share our vision for the future of wireless power. Whether you have experience in R&D, electrical engineering, or production management, we'd love to hear from you. Check out our current list of open positions by clicking below.

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