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Wireless power for the home, office, and more

AirCord™ wireless power technology can be used in home, commercial, and industrial applications. With an optimum range of 30ft (10m), AirCord™ transmitters can power multiple devices simultaneously, making it easier than ever to free devices from wall plugs and dying batteries.



Home is all about comfort and safety, so whether it's a smart door lock, electric shade, or electric toothbrush - all your home smart devices can be made smarter, safer, and more powerful with AirCord wireless technology. AirCord enables product manufactures to add the latest features without comprising battery power or style, so consumers can enjoy the very best technology with limitless power.


Commercial spaces require the latest technology for ultimate efficiency and user experience. With products like the Wi-Spot wireless advertising display, manufacturers, retailers, and restauranters all benefit from increased client engagement at the point-of-purchase, automated sales and menus, data collection, and more. Other products like smart faucets and smart door locks offer commercial business owners increased safety, security, and ease of operations.

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Warehouses and production centers can benefit by incorporating AirCord wireless technology in their smart devices whether it's motion sensors, data trackers, or any IoT with a batteryAnd products like automated bathroom facilities and smart door locks offer industrial spaces higher levels of efficiency, automation, and safety. 

Products powered by Wi-Charge

Award-winning products for various applications.

From game controllers to electric toothbrushes, Wi-Charge powers a multitude of devices enabling them to incorporate innovative designs without ever worrying about battery power.

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The World's First Commercially Deployed Long-Range Wireless Technology

From smart door locks in Dallas, Texas to advertising displays in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Wi-Charge's AirCord wireless technology is disturbing industries worldwide by offering unique solutions for retail, commercial, and industrial needs. Discover local deployments in your area by clicking below.

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Various sensors embedded in the displays allow for detailed store insights and deep data analytics. This can be used to measure message effectiveness, A/B testing, isle traffic, and ROI. Using such data, brands, retailers and advertisers can optimize engaging content, boost traffic, and maximize their ROI.


Alfred ML2 Smart Lock

Powered by Wi-Charge's AirCord™ wireless technology, the Alfred ML2 smart mortise lock provides the ultimate in smart lock technology and design. With virtual endless power, the lock can be installed on any door, residential or commercial, without compromising design, technology, or power.


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