Introducing Wi-Spot 

A Ready-To-Use Wireless Smart Display

Providing engagement and real time data at the point of sale, this wireless display is every retailer, CPG, and advertiser's dream. Boasting seamless installation and a sleek design, the Wi-Spot is an unparalleled upgrade to any business.

Wi-Spots offer customer engagement, brand awareness, and data analytics.

Customer Engagement

Achieve real-time customer engagement through targeted ads, tutorials, promotions, and interactive messages. The Wi-Spot display receives both power and data from a distance without any cables or chargers. This technological breakthrough is reshaping the retail space and bringing the best of the online world to the shop floor.

Brand Awareness

By bringing the shelf to life, brands can elevate their equity and increase brand awareness. Companies can even stand out between similar portfolios and products. They can inform their customers regarding new product launches and benefits, thereby offering the consumer a unique shopping experience.


Data Analytics

Various sensors that are embedded in the displays allow for comprehensive store insights and deep data analytics. This can be used to measure message effectiveness, A/B testing, isle traffic, and ROI. Using such data, brands, retailers and advertisers can optimize engaging content, boost traffic, and maximize their ROI.

Many industries stand to gain from Wi-Spot devices.

Wireless display in grocery aisle


With a wide portfolio of SKUs, and special promotions that are frequently changing, Wi-Spot displays allow for time-sensitive engagements and promotions to reach the spotlight. 



By making every product engaging and interactive, fashion stores can show products in action, inspire customers, and interact with clients the way they are used to in the online world.



Displaying promotions & digital menus at the table allows restaurants and bars to keep customers informed and their tables uncluttered. Easy to install and update, Wi-Spots are an instant upgrade.

Wi-Spots are easy to install and maintain.


Easy Installation & Maintenance

Wi-Spot displays are controlled by a cloud-based platform that allows for easy in-store operation by novice employees. The intuitive display design allows for quick and easy integration with various data sources such as price files, video promos, and other pre-defined templates. Daily operation and re-assigning of displays is simple through our user-friendly mobile app.

Wi-Spot is every advertiser's dream.


Displaying ads at the point of purchase provides data and digital engagement like never before. Previously, ads were limited to the store window, now ads can be displayed right next to the products, increasing their effectiveness. Wi-Spot displays can also measure effectiveness, quantify and optimize impressions based on location, time, season, and more.