Wi-Spot: The world’s first fully

wireless Smart Digital Displays


Real-time customers engagement through target dads, videos, tutorials, coupons, and interactive messages with  no need to wire or recharge the display, ever! Wi-Spot display receive both power and data from  a distance with no cables or chargers required ,a technological break through that is reshaping the retails pace bringing the best of the on-line world to the shop floor.


Various sensors that are embedded in the displays allow for comprehensive store in sights, &deep data analytics. This can be used when measuring message effectiveness, A/B testing, isle traffic and optimize their ROI. 

Using such data, brands, retailers & advertisers are now able to optimize engagement messages, measure the impact of content & maximize the ROI.


Who benefits from Wi-Charge’s

revolutionary technology?


The grocery industry has a wide portfolio of SKUs & Special promotions are frequent, but hard to notice. Wi-Spot displays bring the on-line world to the store, allowing similar engaging messages & promotions one cannot miss.



By making every product engaging and interactive, fashion stores are able to show products in action, inspire the client & interact with the clients as is common in the online world.


By bringing the shelf to life, brands can elevate their brand equity and increase brand awareness. Companies cannot stand out in their category between portfolio of similar products. Being able to let their customers know when a new product is launched plus its merits, thereby giving the consumer a different shopping experience.


Ad agencies

After spending countless hours creating a whole world of content, now the question is how to display it in the most effective manner. With Wi-Spot, there are no barriers, and the content can be displayed in the most critical place. Where the buying decision is being made. Not only that, but the content’s effectiveness cannot be measured, the impressions quantified and optimized per location, time of the day seasons, and more

Seamless Installation & Maintenance

Wi-Spotd is plays are controlled by a cloud-based platform that allows for easyin-store operation by novice employees. Intuitive display design studio provides for instantaneous display design and easy integration with various data  sources such as price files, promotions, video & pre-defined templates. Daily operation and re-assigning of displays are carried out through user friendly mobile app.