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Wireless displays at the point-of-purchase

Providing engagement and real time data at the point-of-sale, Wi-Spot gives retailers and brands a powerful tool to boost sales, deliver messaging, and gather shopper data. Featuring seamless installation and a sleek design, the Wi-Spot is the next generation of in-store digital signage.

What is the Wi-Spot advantage?

Wi-Spots offer customer engagement, brand awareness, and data analytics.

Customer Engagement

Achieve real-time customer engagement through targeted ads, tutorials, promotions, and interactive messages. The Wi-Spot display receives both power and data from a distance without any cables or chargers. This technological breakthrough is reshaping the retail space and bringing the best of the online world to the shop floor.

Brand Awareness

Wi-Spot brings elements of online digital advertising into previously unreachable areas of the in-store environment. The wirelessly powered displays provide a platform for retailers to expand their in-store media networks to their shelves, cooler doors and open floor displays.


Data Analytics

Sensors embedded in the displays gather shopper traffic insights and data. The reporting generated can be used to measure message effectiveness, A/B testing, isle traffic, and ROI. Using this valuable data, brands, retailers and advertisers can optimize engaging content, boost traffic, and maximize their advertising ROI

Where are Wi-Spots deployed?

Wi-Spots are currently deployed worldwide on retail shelf-edges, retail entryways, and restaurant tabletops.

Wireless display on shelf edge

Shelf-edge displays

With a wide portfolio of SKUs, and special promotions that are frequently changing, Wi-Spot displays allow for time-sensitive engagements and promotions to reach customers at the shelf - where the decision to purchase is being made. 

advertising display mounted to pallet.jpg

Entryway displays

Adding a video display to high-traffic zones like the entrance to isles and other sections is a huge asset for product and store owners. With our AirCord wireless technology, these displays can be easily mounted on movable pallets or floors.

tabletop display for restaurants.jpg

Tabletop displays

Displaying promotions & digital menus at the table allows restaurants and bars to keep customers informed and their tables uncluttered. Easily mount Wi-Spot to any surface and instantly upgrade your business.

Gallery of deployments

Photos from deployments in Germany, Brazil, Israel, and the US.

How to install Wi-Spot?

Wi-Spots are easy to install and maintain.


Easy Installation & Maintenance

Without wires, Wi-Spots can be easily secured to the shelf-edge, mounted to freestanding floor-based hardware or even attached to cooler door handles! Displays are controlled by a cloud-based platform allowing for remote content updates by novice employees. The intuitive interface allows for quick and easy integration with various data sources such as price files, video promos, and other pre-defined templates.

Why use Wi-Spot?

Wi-Spot is every advertiser's dream.


Displaying ads at the point where the decision to purchase is being made provides data and digital engagement like never before. Ads can now be displayed right next to the products, increasing their effectiveness. Wi-Spot displays can also measure effectiveness, quantify and optimize impressions based on location, time, season, and more.


What are you waiting for?

Highlight your product, brand, or store today with wireless power.

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