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Join the Future of Wireless Power

We envision a world where devices and batteries are charged without user intervention. A world in which humans can focus on technological innovation without power or distance limitations. To make this reality, we need your support. By partnering with Wi-Charge, your devices will become more capable, more efficient, and more eco-friendly. If you are an OEM, commercial or industrial business, or a private investor, we encourage you to join the revolution of wireless power today!

Headquarters and R&D Center

Wi-Charge Israel 
3 Pekeris St.,
Rehovot, 7670203

Phone: +972 (8) 940-0047
Fax: +972 (8) 940-0118


Marketing & Sales

Wi-Charge USA
2310 N Henderson Ave, Suite 533
Dallas, TX 75206

Phone: +1 (214) 906-0612

Wi-Charge Korea
917 Namjeon bldg., 326 Bongeunsa-ro Gangnam-Gu
Seoul [06143]​
Phone: +822-774-6022

Wi-Charge Europe
58509 Luedenscheid  Oenekinger Weg 79 ​Germany

Mobil: +49 1775127924
Phone: +49 2351 6653280

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