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Wireless Powered Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes offer convenience and optimal health maintenance as their sensitivities and timing can be adjusted. They are especially useful for those with sensitive teeth or gums, and they make brushing teeth fun.

Current Limitations 

Battery power is the limiting factor.
While they offer more options and power control, electronic toothbrushes are charged in outlets next to the sink. Not only does this clutter precious sink space, it poses a possible fire hazard when plugged in next to water.

AirCord Advantages

Unleash the full potential with wireless power.
Electronic toothbrushes that sleek by the sink and is always powered and ready to use without any user interference. This is also a huge asset to smart homes and or high-end residences.

Possible Deployments

Smart homes, high-end residences, and anywhere people brush their teeth and don't want clutter or electrical safety hazards.

Live Installations

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Partner with us today!

Upgrade your product or business today with wireless power.

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