Wi Charge

Over-the-Air Wireless Power

 No wires. No batteries.

Wi-Charge brings sustainable energy to the far edges of your network, making your smart devices even smarter.

Long-Range Wireless Power For All Devices

Electronic devices need constant power to function, especially as they adopt newer and smarter technologies. Smart devices are often hard to wire and are limited in size and power by batteries.

Our AirCord technology provides long-range wireless power to thumb-sized receivers that can be embedded in all types of devices from electronic toothbrushes to wireless displays and more.

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An Award Winning Technology

Wi-Charge is at the forefront of technological innovation, redefining what is possible.  Recognition for efforts and breakthroughs include gold winner at the 2020 Edison Awards, recipient of the 2021 European Innovation Council Fund, and CES honoree for four consecutive years.

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The World's First Commercially Deployed Long-Range Wireless Technology

From smart door locks in Dallas, Texas to advertising displays in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Wi-Charge's AirCord wireless technology is disturbing industries worldwide by offering unique solutions for retail, commercial, and industrial needs. Discover local deployments in your area by clicking below.


Powering Home, Work, and More

Wi-Charge wireless power solutions can support many devices and application, freeing them from power cords and dying batteries. With continuous wireless power delivery, edge devices can enjoy 100X more available power than batteries allowing them to offer new, elevated features that need the extra power.

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Reducing our Carbon Footprint

At Wi-Charge, sustainability is not just a word, it's what motivates us. We envision a world with less wires and batteries, and more eco-friendly technology. Every R1 wireless transmitter eliminates approximately 5,000 batteries. Help us free our planet from toxic e-waste

and reduce exploitations of rare natural resources.


A Ready-to-Use Wireless Display

Our very own turnkey product, the Wi-Spot can be used in restaurants, cafes, airports, retail shops, grocery stores, or wherever you need. Powered by AirCord wireless power, our digital displays are easy to install and update.


The Latest In Wireless Power

Learn about the newest in wireless power technology and stay up to date with the latest on Wi-Charge innovation.