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Phones that don’t need charging cables or pads.
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Smart devices without power cords.

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You’re not handcuffed by battery power budget.
Your wired devices actually don’t need a wire.
Power outlets don’t need to be nearby anymore.

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Wi-Charge Updates

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Jan.17, 2019
Wireless power can help smart locks
Jan.15, 2019
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Dec.19, 2018
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Dec.17, 2018
Podcast: Predictions for Wireless Power with Mark Vena from Moor Insights
Dec.11, 2018
Prediction: long-range wireless charging will become a standard option in most phones
Dec.11, 2018
The Miracle of (wireless) Lights
Dec.10, 2018
What’s Handcuffing Product Designers?
Dec.6, 2018
The Year of Truly Wireless Power: Wi-Charge and the Promise of Long-Range Wireless Charging Building a Head of Steam as 2019 Approaches
Dec.5, 2018
Prediction: The mobile worker will, for the first time, truly be mobile
Dec.4, 2018
Enabling the next-generation of smart home devices
Nov.28, 2018
Prediction: Device sizes will shrink
Nov.27, 2018
Podcast: Dinesh Kithany – Wireless Market Forecast and Smart Home devices
Nov.26, 2018
Prediction: A Chai Latte and a Charge Coming Soon
Nov.20, 2018
Wi-Charge Unveils First-Ever Wireless Power Kit for Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home Mini Smart Speakers, Introduces “Powered by Wi-Charge” OEM Program
Nov.16, 2018
How power consumption impacts user experience
Nov.14, 2018
Wi-Charge Named as CES 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree
Nov.8, 2018
Does your bathroom have enough electrical outlets?
Nov.7, 2018
The two key technologies driving smart home innovation
Nov.6, 2018
Podcast: Garry Ramler – Wire-Free Charging at Restaurants
Nov.6, 2018
Powering today’s phones with tomorrow’s charging technology
Nov.1, 2018
Wi-Charge Showcases AnyTable™, a Revolutionary Wire-free Charging Solution for Coffee Shops and Other Public Venues
Oct.25, 2018
Oct.22, 2018
Is it safe?
Oct.17, 2018
Podcast: Ernest Worthman – Energy Harvesting and The Technology of the Future
Oct.15, 2018
How much wireless power is enough to replace AA batteries?
Oct.10, 2018
New video demonstrates powering a Raspberry Pi without wires
Oct.8, 2018
How will your IoT device be powered?
Oct.3, 2018
Will it Heat my Pets, my Plants or my Plate of Pasta?
Sep.26, 2018
Podcast: Avrohom Gottheil – IoT and wireless power
Sep.24, 2018
Wireless Power is “The Last Mile” of Power Delivery
Sep.22, 2018
Wi-Charge and Monolicht supercharge light fixtures by integrating Long-Range Wireless Power into Light Fixtures
Sep.14, 2018
Wi-Charge and ZKTeco USA Provide a glimpse into the future of Smart Locks by integrating Wireless Power
Sep.13, 2018
Wi-Charge Provides a Peek Into the Future: Remotely Powered Smart Devices
Sep.12, 2018
New videos demonstrate gaming controllers and lights with wireless power
Sep.6, 2018
Infographic: would consumers subscribe to a service that keeps phones charged out of home?
Aug.30, 2018
Why RF wireless charging might be a good fit for Electronic Shelf Labels
Aug.29, 2018
Podcast: Steve Greenberg – Author of Gadget Nation and Today Show contributor
Aug.27, 2018
Which wireless power technology can charge a phone in your pocket?
Aug.27, 2018
Integrating Wireless Charging: A Webinar with Wi-Charge VP R&D
Aug.24, 2018
A framework for matching wireless power requirements to available technologies
Aug.20, 2018
How Smart Locks can save lives and why wireless power helps
Aug.15, 2018
Podcast: Stewart Wolpin – gadgets, gizmos and geegaws
Aug.13, 2018
Wi-Charge launches thought leader podcast series
Aug.13, 2018
What makes smart buildings smart, and how wireless power can help
Aug.7, 2018
The Biggest Issue with Today’s Phones is…
Jul.30, 2018
Podcast: Francesco Radicati – State Farm Innovation Labs
Jul.26, 2018
Trading off for Convenience
Jul.24, 2018
The two critical attributes to look for in a wireless power solution
Jul.17, 2018
Webinar on Practical Wireless Charging with Wi-Charge CEO
Jul.16, 2018
Wireless Charging and the Water Well
Jul.11, 2018
Battery Limitations for Augmented Reality Glasses
Jul.5, 2018
Missed our ‘ask me anything’ session? The answers are still available
Jul.4, 2018
Powering a phone through the ages
Jun.27, 2018
How can smart door locks become smarter?
Jun.19, 2018
Honey, I Shrunk the IoT Sensors
Jun.13, 2018
We’re Hosting an “Ask Me Anything” Session and You Should Join us!
Jun.8, 2018
Is Line-of-Sight required for Wireless Power technologies?
Jun.6, 2018
Wi-Charge Launches, a New Website Showcasing its “Power at a Distance” technology
Jun.5, 2018
New YouTube Video from Linus Tech Tips Showcases Wi-Charge’s Long-Range Charging Capabilities
May.31, 2018
Can public spaces benefit from Far-Field Wireless Charging?
May.30, 2018
Could wireless charging keep an iPhone X happy?
May.23, 2018
Wireless Power and the Water Tank
May.17, 2018
Why is Charging Efficiency Important?
May.9, 2018
Can Charging a Phone be as Seamless as Receiving an email?
May.3, 2018
Wireless Power Will Reduce Landfill Toxic Waste
Apr.26, 2018
Wi-Charge LIGHTS Transmitter Receives Red Dot Distinction for High Design Quality
Apr.18, 2018
Absorption in Air and Wireless Charging
Apr.11, 2018
Diffraction and Wireless Charging
Mar.26, 2018
How much power does a device actually need?
Feb.22, 2018
Wi-Charge Wins CES 2018 Best of Innovation Award
Jan.10, 2018
Wi-Charge Secures FDA Approval To Charge All Your Devices Using Infrared Beams
Aug.16, 2017

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