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The World's First Wireless Powered Smart Door Lock

Wi-Charge teamed up with Alfred Inc. to offer a wireless power solution to ensure the Alfred lock is always powered. Our proprietary AirCord™ technology provides endless power, so devices can remain sleek while including all the latest features. Without ever needing to replace or service batteries again, Wi-Charge powered Alfred smart locks make the home, business, and office sleeker, safer, and smarter. The Alfred ML2 smart lock is easy to install and offers an instant, unparalleled upgrade to any home or building.


Wi-Fred offers endless power, easy installation, and special features.


Endless Power

Smart locks have been limited to costly hardwiring or unreliable battery power. Now we've changed the game for good. With AirCord™ technology, the ML2 Mortise smart lock offers the ultimate in security, sleekness, and convenience. The Alfred ML2 has everything one can want in a smart lock and more like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, remote and smartphone access, and now an easier than ever installation. 

Easy Installation

The ML2 smart mortise lock offers a sleek and easy to install design. The Wi-Charge transmitter can be simply plugged into an outlet or mounted to the ceiling, depending on the application. The user-friendly mobile app by Alfred allows for quick integration between your phone, Wi-Fi network, and smart lock. 


Special Features

With virtually endless power, the ML2 mortise smart lock can include any features you might want in a smart lock. Gone are the days when users would require hardwiring their doors to be able to power energy-intensive features. Whether its remote access, smartphone compatibility, or night lights, Wi-Charge's wireless technology has the power to keep you safe and worry-free.

Get your wireless smart lock today!

Upgrade your home, business, or office today with wireless power.

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