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Wi-Qi Charging Pad

Wireless charging pads have been traditionally limited in use due to wall plugs that create unnecessary clutter and location restrictions. Wi-Charge eliminates the need for charging pads to be plugged into the wall, making them truly wireless devices. Powered by our AirCord™ wireless technology, you can now charge your phone anywhere in the room without plugging in. 

Current Limitations

Wall chargers are the limiting factor.
Having to plug in a wireless charger kind of defeats the purpose. What's the advantage of a wireless charger if you're still limited in using it within reach of an outlet?  

AirCord Advantages

Unleash the full potential with wireless power.
Charging pads are not limited to the outlet or wall. With AirCord™ technology, charging pads are there for you where your need them to charge your phone without any clutter or tripping hazards.

Possible Deployments

Whether it's at home, the office, or a cafe, the Wi-Qi charging pads offers flexibility in where you charge your phone. Never find yourself hanging out by or fighting over the outlet again. 


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