WiCharge - to power with light
  • A wireless power hot-spot
    for mobile devices

  • Power cords? No more
    Let mobile be mobile

  • Enjoy the freedom of
    endless battery life


Wireless Empowerment

The constant inconvenience caused by short battery life is about to become history. New, groundbreaking technology from Wi-Charge will charge any mobile device wirelessly and automatically. Just as Wi-Fi altered networking forever, the Wi-Charge technology will have an enduring impact on the mobile lifestyle.

Wi-Charge: seamless wireless power. Learn More

Lifestyle-changing Technology

Wi-Charge uses the power of light to charge mobile devices wirelessly, safely and without RF radiation. One charging hot-spot can powers multiple devices simultaneously, without limiting their use or mobility. Work, talk on the phone or move around the room – the charging continues uninterrupted. 

The technology: the power of light. Learn More



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