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Advancements in home technology are driven by a desire to make life easier and better. But technology can make life more difficult as well. The response, home automation, is one of the biggest drivers in today’s technological economy. Naturally, it’s the front door and the locks that guard our home that can benefit homeowners the most.

Wireless power offers endless power and smart features for home automation and security

Home automation has made huge advancements in the last decade. From smart thermostats to automated light switches to self-cleaning toilets, the home is filled with gadgets that can turn themselves on and off automatically. But what about home security?

Traditional mortise smart locks need special doors or hinges in order to be hardwired, otherwise they are at the mercy of batteries that may die at inopportune times and add to the global piles of toxic e-waste. With wireless power smart locks, like the Alfred ML2 smart mortise lock, installations are simple and power is endless.

Let’s look at why wireless power is so vital for home automation.

Wireless power allows for easy installation and connection

Replacing traditional mortise locks with wireless powered mortise locks means that smart locks can now be installed easily into any door of your choosing without any power limitations. With hardwiring, one was limited to either specific doors that had the electric wiring built in and/or you would need special hinges that connected the door to the in-wall wiring that was also built for the occasion in your apartment or home. That or you were limited in the lock's capabilities due to a battery’s limited power.

Wireless powered smart locks can be installed by homeowners without an electrician and be up and running the same day. Additionally, a wireless powered smart lock like the Alfred ML2 can be controlled with the user-friendly Alfred Home app which can be used to connect to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

Wireless power offers complete control of your front door

Imagine being able to have control of your door at all times, even while away. You can grant access instantly to a family member who lost their key, open the door for the cleaning crew, or remove access for an AirBnb guest who just left. Being able to control your home from an app on your phone makes life easier and safer. Being able to do so without worrying that the lock would ever run out of power - that’s a game changer!

This ability to control keyed ports of entry is especially critical for offices, apartment buildings, and AirBnb homes. Older forms of controlling access are outdated and property managers as well as owners want to know who is in their building at a given time. With wireless power this is easier than ever.

Wireless power allows for the latest features in home automation

Last and most importantly, wireless powered smart locks offer increased security not only by allowing homeowners to stay connected with their door at all times but also by enabling one to take advantage of the latest in technological and home automation. More capabilities can be demanded from the smart lock yet without worrying that the added functionality would drain its battery faster.

Wireless power offers virtually limitless power, supporting smart lock features such as mortise designs, RFID, voice prompts, face recognition, video capabilities, and door positioning sensors. Lock manufacturers can now also add power hungry features like night lights, camera lenses, and sophisticated smartphone compatibility. The possibilities are as endless as the power provided.

Alfred ML2: The world’s first wireless powered smart door lock

Wi-Charge partnered with Alfred Inc. to create the world’s first wireless powered smart lock: the Alfred ML2 mortise smart lock. Offering state-of-the-art security and constant power, the Alfred ML2 offers the latest in smart lock security and a beautiful sleek design. Smart features include remote access, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, smartphone compatibility, and more.

Powered by Wi-Charge’s AirCord™ technology, the transmitter can power the device from 30ft ranges safely, efficiently, and sustainably. Long-range wireless power is transforming our world and making smart homes even smarter. To learn more, visit our technology page or contact Alfred to order your ML2 smart lock today.



The future of wireless power starts here.

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