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This past week, Wi-Charge and Alfred International Inc. announced their release of the world’s first wireless powered smart lock. If you're asking yourself why this matters, you’ll probably want to read this article. Not only is this a revolutionary breakthrough for the smart lock and smart home industries, but it is also another win for the world of end users that are finally starting to enjoy wireless power.

Alfred's ML2 mortise smart lock powered by Wi-Charge's wireless technology

If you own or manage a smart home, building, or business, you’ll want to feel safe knowing that your property is secure at all times. The best way to do this is to use a smart lock that offers remote access since this will allow you to control your device, and therefore your property, by being able to observe and control access at any moment. This is where wireless power comes in.

Until now, smart locks have been limited to complex and costly hardwiring or battery-operated locks with limited features. With wireless power, you don’t have to choose between hardwiring and features since you can easily install your smart lock on any door and feel secure with the latest features.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of a wireless powered smart lock.

No more complex hardwiring.

Hardwiring was often the preferred option where possible since it provided the necessary power to operate heavier mortise locks and an array of power-hungry features like facial recognition, Bluetooth connectivity, or remote access. This option called for special doors and/or hinges in order to run wiring to the smart lock. But this method is often complex and costly due to the expensive hardware and technical labor.

With wireless powered smart locks, property owners don’t need to choose between power or features. Endless power at a distance means installations are easier than ever, and smart lock manufacturers can include mortise smart lock options, Wi-Fi connectivity, and the latest features as they become available without worrying about how to power such features.

No more replacing batteries.

When hardwiring isn’t feasible, either due to installation costs or to electrical constraints, property owners and managers have been stuck with battery operated smart locks. While some of them do offer some upgraded features, they have often been limited to specific, low-energy use features that wouldn’t drain the device's battery. And there was always the worry that the battery would die at the most inconvenient moment, like when away on a trip or when the guest or client requires urgent access.

Thanks to wireless power, we don’t need to rely on batteries anymore. This means that manufacturers can focus on adding the latest features to devices without worrying that it will drain the battery. Whether it’s Bluetooth connectivity, smartphone and remote access, or mortise security, all smart locks will have the features and the power they deserve.

Devices are sleeker and smarter.

Traditionally, smart lock designs have been limited due to the size of their batteries. This was especially true for smart locks with power-hungry features. Wireless powered smart locks can look as sleek as their makers or users want them to be since there is no limitation due to hardwiring, batteries, or power-hungry features. In other words, smart lock devices can be made to custom sizes and with custom features without concern for power. Whether you want a sleek smart lock for your office, home, or your luxury rental property, this is now a reality.

Alfred ML2 smart lock: The world’s first wireless powered smart lock

Wi-Charge partnered with Alfred Inc. to create the world’s first wireless powered smart lock: the Alfred ML2 mortise smart lock. Offering state-of-the-art security and constant power, the Alfred ML2 offers the latest in smart lock security and sleekness. Smart features include remote access, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, smartphone compatibility, and more. Powered by Wi-Charge’s AirCord™ technology, the transmitter can power the device from 30ft ranges safely, efficiently, and sustainably.

Long-range wireless power is transforming our world and making smart homes even smarter. To learn more, visit our technology page or contact Alfred to order your ML2 smart lock today.



The future of wireless power starts here.

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