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Wireless powered charging is not just cool, it offers a safe and efficient means to power devices while removing the clutter of cords and dead batteries. This is perhaps most noticeable and useful when it comes to smart bathroom devices, especially where counterspace is limited and water safety is a concern. With wireless power, bathrooms are finally made cleaner, safer, and more elegant.

There are many electronic devices in a smart bathroom, from electric toothbrushes to automated faucets to audio or visual displays for news and entertainment. One of Wi-Charge’s R1 transmitters can power dozens of smart devices from distances of 30 feet. And in the bathroom, this means a cleaner, safer, and more hygienic bathroom.

Let’s take a look at how wireless power is used to make a smart bathroom even more elegant.

Wireless power for an upgraded bathroom experience


Many smart homes are equipped with electric toothbrushes. Not only are electric toothbrushes cooler to use, they offer a more effective and consistent dental hygiene experience. Electric toothbrushes are more versatile than regular toothbrushes and offer multiple settings, timers, and other neat features.

But these features require power, either via wired chargers or rechargeable batteries. The former leaves a dangling wire next to the sink and the latter entails constant replacement of batteries. With wireless power, there are no wires on the counter or batteries in the garbage.

Automated faucets

In a post-pandemic world, hygiene has taken a more substantial role in people’s lives. And with current standards, many bathrooms - both public and private - are looking to automation for convenience and hygiene. However, most automatic faucets need to be hardwired or require battery replacements.

With wireless power, an automated faucet can be installed as easily as a regular faucet. It offers convenience, hygiene, and style befitting any smart home or high end bathroom. And with endless power supply, smart sinks can be set up with timers, reminders, and other data.

Automated toilets

Besides being more convenient, automated toilets offer a more hygienic and luxurious option, especially for high traffic bathrooms. It also assures that no one ever accidentally leaves a toilet unflushed on a busy or forgetful morning. But sensors can pose complex hardwiring or suffer from dying batteries.

Wireless power offers virtually endless power, meaning any toilet can be made automated and can offer features befitting a luxury bathroom such as wireless powered bidets, air drying, and temperature control. Other features include self-cleaning settings, night lights, and an auto deodorizer

AirCord technology: The leader in long-range wireless power

Wi-Charge's AirCord wireless power has won awards and nominations for the fifth consecutive year. Approved by national regulatory boards and hailed by tech innovators as the future of wireless power, AirCord technology has proven to power devices from 30ft ranges safely and efficiently. One R1 transmitter can replace 5000 AA batteries, making it a remarkably sustainable solution.

Long-range wireless power is transforming our world and making smart homes even smarter. To learn more or to request a partnership, visit our technology or contact page.


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