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Wirelessly Powered Smart Faucet

Smart faucets are part of any high-end design, providing extra functionality and better hygiene. With AirCord wireless technology, the faucet can be installed easily and maintain power from a distance. 

Current Limitations

Battery power is the limiting factor.
Batteries create facility management overhead and service experiences downtime due to battery replacement and battery disposal. Also, devices offer only limited functionality to preserve power.

AirCord Advantages

Unleash the full potential with wireless power.
With AirCord wireless technology, devices offer constant power and data connectivity while experiencing improved UX, and efficient remote management

Possible Deployments

Wireless powered smart faucets are a huge asset to smart high-end design homes and public spaces such as airports, office buildings, and restaurants.


Partner with us today!

Upgrade your product, business, or ads today with wireless power.

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