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Retail media is in the process of a revolution. Billions of dollars are being spent on the creation of online and in-store retail media networks. While wirelessly powered ad displays like the Wi-Spot are a valuable new opportunity to reach customers directly at the shelf, the correct content is critical.

Wi-Spots can provide engaging and timely info at the point of purchase.

As every advertiser knows, the content defines the ad. This holds even truer in the retail sphere where consumers are often in a rush and don’t want to be bothered by just another advertisement. In a world with a Tik-Tok attention span, the content must be brief, eye-catching, informative, and most importantly provide something of value to the customer.

Here are some of tips for creating effective ads at the point of purchase:

1. Keep it simple.

Shoppers don’t have the time or attention span to watch long videos or read small text. But shoppers appreciate relevant information when it helps them make smart decisions. Case in point: when you’re in the isle shopping for tomato sauce and there are 20 brands to choose from. Now imagine there’s a small LCD display highlighting the ingredients, nutritional value, or origin of a particular brand.

In a world flooded with a variety of choices, it is more important than ever to stand out. If you are able to easily see the word that relates to what you’re looking for whether it's organic, local, or low in calories, it is only natural that you would be more likely to choose that brand.

2. Keep it relevant.

Besides keeping it simple, product manufacturers can use other relevant information to help their brand standout from competitors. One example is recipes. Many shoppers appreciate inspiration for their meals, even if they're not looking for it. In the instance of pasta sauce, if the display next to your brand displays a particular sauce being used in an easy to make recipe, it will offer consumers another reason to choose your product over others.

3. Stay up to date.

In an age where technology seems to be accelerating faster than the speed of light, it is important to keep your content up to date. Whether it’s end-of-day promotions or initiatives your company is taking to help the planet or some underprivileged group, consumers want to know this. If you had to choose between several brands and one shows how they contribute to children and/or the community, wouldn’t you feel more inclined to support that brand?

According to recent studies, consumers prefer to purchase products from companies who have values and support causes aligned with their beliefs (source). If your product is packaged with recycled materials, for instance, you can hope they will notice this or the small words on your package. Now imagine that this information is presented in an attractive way in front of the product shelf display.

As you can see, displays at the point of purchase offer an invaluable means for companies to distinguish their products and engage customers where the decision to make a purchase is being made. But arguably just as important is the content presented.

Wi-Spot: The World’s Only Fully Wireless Powered Ad Display

Wi-Spot is the world’s only fully wireless powered digital display. A Wi-Charge turnkey product, it offers all the perks of a retail product designed and produced by The Wireless Power Company. Using Wi-Charge's AirCord technology, the Wi-Spot is an invaluable tool for retailers of all kinds. Whether it's displaying product information, promotions, or advertising at the point of purchase, the Wi-Spot can do it all.

At Wi-Charge, we make smart devices even smart so that you can focus on what matters. Learn more about Wi-Spot and upgrade your business today by visiting our Wi-Spot page.



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