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With the rollout of wireless power, several industries will be transformed. Notable among them is retail. With new, eye-catching wireless displays and price tags replacing traditional and outdated technology, retail stands to gain in various ways including improved analytics, reduced cost of labor, and advertising at the point of purchase.

Retail is one of the industries that has been suffering the most lately as people prefer the convenience of buying online, especially during a global pandemic. Both producers and advertisers have been struggling to increase in-store purchases and countless retailers have been forced to close shops or size down.

Therefore, it is vital for retailers and advertisers to know what their customers are looking for and how to promote more in-store purchases. In addition, it is important for businesses to reduce overhead expenses and create a more efficient work system, so that employees can focus on increasing sales. With wireless powered smart displays, retailers can do all this and more.

The benefits of wireless power in retail

With companies like Wi-Charge already rolling out wireless power for retailers, the industry will benefit from increased user engagement, reduced operational costs, and advertising at the point of purchase.

1. Increased user engagement

As most business owners know, the biggest hurdle to sales these days is keeping customers engaged. In an age where the average consumer spends over 7 hours a day looking at screens, it makes it hard for retailers to compete. Digital displays are a great way to grab customer attention. While some have been deployed in the past, they have been limited in battery power or involve complicated wired installations.

With wireless powered digital displays, the physical space can be turned digital overnight. Without power or location constraints, displays offer increased opportunities for communicating with users in real time. Whether announcing daily sales or end of day specials, digital displays are sure to catch the eye of every consumer by offering a variety of color and design options.

2. Reduced operational costs

Often, technological innovations are more expensive than they are worth at first. However, wireless powered displays offer easy installs and maintenance which lead to reduced overhead expenses. Instead of wasting precious work hours on checking isles for empty stock and updating sales prices manually, smart wireless display sensors can notify managers when inventory is low and update prices on the go.

Wireless displays can also gather and send data analytics on valuable traffic and user engagement, making it an invaluable tool for retailers who are always looking for ways to optimize ARPU. Companies can easily achieve all this without hiring specialists or requiring extensive training, thanks to user-friendly management apps.

3. Advertising at the point of purchase

Traditionally, advertising has been limited to storefronts in the form of huge LCD displays with attractive photos or videos. But once the consumer enters a store, there's often little-to-no way to entice them to purchase one's product. Installing wired or battery displays have proven complicated, costly, or power inefficient, leaving retailers and CPGs with cardboard or other unattractive looking signage.

With wireless powered displays, advertisers can engage customers at the point of purchase with the same engaging material that is displayed on the big screens. This offers companies a powerful advantage by allowing them to show customers why they should buy a particular brand or product. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a video worth at the point of purchase?

Wi-Spot: The ultimate wireless power display

The Wi-Spot is a Wi-Charge turnkey product that shows what's possible with the future of wireless power. It offers all the perks of a wireless display designed and produced by The Wireless Power Company. Using Wi-Charge's AirCord technology, the Wi-Spot is an invaluable tool for retailers of all kinds. Whether it's displaying daily promotions or brand advertising at the point of purchase, the Wi-Spot can do it all.

At Wi-Charge, we make smart devices even smart so that you can focus on the important matters. Find out more about Wi-Spot and upgrade your business today by visiting our Wi-Spot page.



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