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End-devices have always been limited in power due to battery constraints. For many smart devices, the battery is its largest component since without it the technology could not work. This is changing thanks to wireless power. With wireless power, batteries aren't a limiting factor and devices can focus on being smarter and looking sleeker.

Batteries are often the largest elements in consumer electronics devices
Batteries are often the largest elements in consumer electronics devices

While technology has been advancing in recent years, it's been limited by one important factor: power. Every technological improvement requires an increase in power and batteries are limited by the size of the device. This is seen most clearly in the smartphone market, as device batteries get bigger the more and better technology they offer. With wireless power, devices can be made even smarter since they aren't limited to the wall or charging pad by wires and dying batteries.

Let's take a look at some of the ways wireless power will free up devices to become even smarter.

1. More power for energy intensive technology

With current power methods, end-devices are limited in capabilities due to size constraints with batteries. Product manufacturers must still choose between providing consumers with the latest technologies or bigger batteries. If a device has the latest technology but it won't stay on, it makes it kind of useless. So, companies tend to opt for larger batteries over the latest in tech innovation.

As product manufacturers incorporate wireless power, they will no longer need to skimp out on the latest in innovation. Since end-devices will charge in the background throughout the day, companies can focus on giving their consumers the best and latest in tech without worrying how the devices will stay powered. Without power limitations, tech innovation will skyrocket and benefit both manufacturer and consumer.

2. Smaller batteries for sleeker devices

Another way that wireless power will make end-devices smarter is by allowing their overall size to be reduced. Currently, many IoTs, medical devices, and smartphones are larger than ideal for consumer use and manufacturer production. However, with wired and inductive power methods, devices require large batteries to remain powered throughout the day.

As end-devices remain charged throughout the day with wireless power, they won't need large batteries to keep them functioning for extended hours or days. Accordingly, manufacturers can slim down devices and offer sleeker product designs. This is extremely useful for IoTs and smartphones which have become uncomfortably large and aesthetically unappealing for many.

3. Longer lasting batteries for wireless devices

Currently, many batteries die prematurely due to improper charging habits and operational misuse. For optimum health, a battery should remain between 20-80% and avoid excessive charging cycles. Most of us, however, don't carry a charger or can't always keep our devices charged at ideal rates. We live busy lives, are easily distracted, and don't always have a charger at hand when we need one.

Wireless power does not require any user intervention, allowing batteries to be kept at healthy ranges throughout the day. As batteries are kept charged at healthy levels in the background, it will extend their lifespan up to 5x. While many end-devices will be able to size down, the remaining batteries will live longer than batteries used with wired or even inductive charging methods.

AirCord technology: The ultimate wireless power

Wi-Charge's AirCord technology is currently the only long-range wireless power that charges devices from distances of 30+ feet safely, efficiently, and sustainably. One R1 transmitter can save roughly 5,000 AA batteries, while providing 100x more power than a battery. Unlike other technologies, AirCord doesn't emit radiation or lose power over long distances.

At Wi-Charge, we make smart devices even smarter so that you can focus your efforts on the important matters. Join us and free your devices by installing AirCord technology in your end devices today. Contact us here.


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