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As the leader in commercially deployed over-the-air wireless power, Wi-Charge is always looking to challenge the status quo. After releasing award-winning innovative products for five years in a row, this year’s really hit home with tech enthusiasts worldwide: a wireless charging pad that is fully wireless.

Wi-Qi charging pad is wire-free offering full mobility.

A big pet peeve among wireless power enthusiasts is that products keep getting released and marketed as wireless, yet they still require plugs which limit its users to the location of the nearest outlet. For many, there is little convenience in using an electromagnetic current to charge one’s phone when the phone is limited by the same distance as a fully wired connection - especially when the latter charges quicker.

Enter Wi-Charge, the leader in long-range wireless power. At CES 2023, Wi-Charge received an innovation award for its Wi-Qi charging pad device that requires no plug or wire at all.

How does it work?

The Wi-Qi wireless charging pad works with Wi-Charge’s AirCord wireless technology which beams power efficiently from distances of 30 ft. The transmitter can be installed simply using an existing track light, thanks to Wi-Charge’s second award-winner for 2023: the Track Light Charger.

AirCord™ uses infrared beams which are powered by the house or building’s AC current and beams a line of power to any devices picked up within line of sight. This means that the Wi-Qi charging pad will charge from basically anywhere in the room whether it's on your desk, bed, or couch.

Why use a wireless charging pad?

While the dream of course is to be able to have infrared sensors embedded in all devices to streamline the charging process, for now the wireless charging pad allows individuals and companies to free up desk space and eliminate tripping hazards. One transmitter can power multiple devices, so offices and conference centers can keep several around each room to keep devices juiced and work spaces clean.

Additionally, the advantage of having easily accessible charging pads means that batteries can be kept at optimal levels throughout the day which will help the devices batteries last longer. Currently, one of the top reasons batteries die prematurely is due to deep cycle charging which causes batteries to stress and corrode which shortens their lifespan.

What’s in store for the future of wireless charging

Companies like Wi-Charge are already looking to change the reality of everyday charging for devices and people worldwide. With products like a fully wireless toothbrush, smart door lock, and wireless advertising displays, Wi-Charge is proving to be a pioneer in commercially deployed wireless power.

And while the tech market is slow at times to adopt the newest wireless technologies for various reasons, in the last year alone, Wi-Charge has partnered with some big tech companies to roll out more products that are fully wireless.

One such example is Alfred, a large smart lock manufacturer based out of Canada which began offering Wi-Charge enabled smart door locks to the public in the US and Canada Q4/2022. Another example is Charter House Innovations, one of the largest designers and manufacturers in the US for restaurants and indoor seating. Wi-Charge also partnered with Belkin, which has techies worldwide on the edge of their seats to see what products will be released.

AirCord™ wireless technology: The future of wireless power

Regardless of the device, Wi-Charge wants to make it compatible with AirCord™ wireless technology so that all devices can charge seamlessly without user intervention. Doing so will greatly reduce much e-waste from the world, by eliminating wall plugs, wires, and batteries dying prematurely.

If you want to learn more about AirCord technology or what it’s like to partner with Wi-Charge, please see our technology page.



The future of wireless power starts here.

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