Untethered Power: the Next Frontier

Are smarphones, tablets and wearables truly mobile if they need frequent corded charging? Untethered re-charging is the next big step towards true mobility.

The functionality of speakers, smart doorbells and sensors is constrained when they are far from a power source. Wireless power delivery can unleash a new class of smart devices and IoT sensors.

Our wireless charging solution

Our breakthrough technology provides eliminates the power cord. We uniquely, efficiently and safely deliver useful power over long distances. This capability enables game-changing uses at home, at the office, in the factory or in public places.

Power is delivered between transmitter and receivers using focused, safe beams of infrared light.

Transmitters connect to standard power source (e.g. A/C) and deliver power to receivers in its vicinity. Transmitters automatically identify chargeable devices and discovers their power requirements. Transmitters deliver power based on receiver priority, power requirements, battery level and other parameters. Many devices can charge at the same time using an intelligent power-management algorithm embedded in the transmitter.

Receivers convert light from transmitters and into electrical power using a photovoltaic cell. This is similar to how a solar panel convert sunlight into electricity. Power delivery is very efficient: 100% of the power delivered from the transmitter reaches the receiver. Receivers are tiny. They can be embedded in mobile devices or connect into an existing charging port.

Delivering Power Efficiently and Safely

The beam delivered by Wi-Charge transmitters is focused on the receiver. This has two advantages:

  • Efficiency. Practically all the optical power sent can be used to generate electricity.
  • Safety. There is little or no spillage or power outside the receiver.  Power beams do not reach people, animals or objects that do not include a receiver.

Wi-Charge products have been approved in the US by the FDA and comply with the IEC 60825-1 international safety standard.

Power flows in a straight, narrow line. Transmission stops immediately if the path between transmitter and receiver is blocked. Once line of sight is restored, charging restarts automatically. Receivers have an energy storage buffer (capacitor or battery) to provide steady power delivery.

Smart charging

In addition to power delivery, the transmitter and receiver share a data channel. Identifying the properties of the receiving device results in smart and efficient power flow.

Key Features

  • Automatic – transmitters find enabled devices and powers them without intervention
  • Safe – complies with US and international standards and regulations.
  • Delivers power over distance – such as across the room.
  • Coverage – a single transmitter can cover a room of 250 square feet
  • Useful power – unlike “power harvesting” solutions, a Wi-Charge transmitter can deliver watts of electrical power
  • Constant power over distance – no power dissipation and 100% link efficiency
  • Multiple devices can be charged simultaneously
  • Scalable – multiple transmitters can be combined to increase coverage and  power
  • Smart power delivery according to parameters from the receiving-device
  • EMI-free – does not interfere with WiFi, wireless phones, etc.