Wi-Charge delivers freedom from power outlets and battery changes. Using safe invisible light, our award-winning products provide enough power to charge a phone across a room. With Wi-Charge, mobile and IoT devices appear to charge autonomously. New applications open for homes, offices, factories and public spaces.

Battery-powered devices are portable, but battery capacity limits functionality and the need to replace batteries degrades the user experience. Moving wired devices, routing or hiding the power cords is a pain. Wi-Charge delivers 100x the power budget of battery solutions. With Wi-Charge, you can have the convenience of wire-free portability with a power budget approaching to a wired solution.

Our Wireless Power Delivery Solution

  • Provides power at a distance

    Deliver several watts from several meters away, enough to power smart devices, charge mobile phones, and more. No other technology comes close.

  • Is safe

    It’s FDA-approved and complies with government standards worldwide.

  • Is market-ready

    We collaborate with partners to create exciting wire-free appliances and self-charging devices.


OEMs welcome

Our wireless charging technology is delivered as modules ready for integration or as an IP license. If you are building a smart home device, an industrial IoT sensor, a mobile phone or anything that could benefit from long-range wireless power, apply to become a beta partner.

How does it work?

Power is delivered using safe, focused, beams of invisible infrared light.

Transmitters connect to a standard power source and deliver power to nearby receivers.  Receivers use a miniature photovoltaic cell to convert transmitted light into electrical power.

Receivers can be embedded in mobile devices or connected into an existing charging port. Transmitters automatically identify chargeable devices and discover their power requirements. Several devices can charge at the same time. Power priority is based on power requirements, battery level and other parameters.

The following three diagrams illustrate this concept:

1. The transmitter searches for devices that need to be powered
2. Once found, a focused beam of IR light is sent to the device
3. If the light beam is broken, transmission stops. Once the path is cleared, power delivery resumes.

Delivering Power Safely and Efficiently

Wi-Charge products are approved by the US FDA and also meet international safety standards.

Power is delivered using a straight, narrow beam. If the path between transmitter and receiver is blocked, transmission stops immediately. Once line of sight is restored, charging restarts quickly and automatically.

The beam delivered by Wi-Charge transmitters is focused on the receiver. This is both safe and efficient:

  • 100% of the transmitted power reaches the receiver. All the transmitted optical power can be used to generate electricity.
  • Power beams do not reach people, animals or unrelated objects.

Key Features

  • Power over distance – several watts at several meters.
  • Automatic – transmitters find enabled devices and power them without intervention.
  • Wide coverage – a single transmitter can cover 250 square feet.
  • Nearly 100% link efficiency.
  • Supports many simultaneous devices.
  • Supports devices in motion.
  • Scalable – multiple transmitters can be combined to increase coverage and power.
  • Smart power delivery according to parameters from the receiving-device.
  • EMI-free – does not interfere with WiFi, wireless phones, etc.
  • Safe – complies with US FDA and international standards and regulations.


Visit our video demos page for a large selection of reviews and demonstrations.



Are you an OEM looking to incorporate wireless power modules into new exciting products? If so, apply for beta.