There are many reasons to prefer IR long-range power delivery over the alternatives, such as RF.  You’ll find that IR is superior in power, distance, efficiency and safety.

Here is a comparison of a few key parameters:

Infrared RF
Power Up to several watts Small number of Miliwatts
Power over distance range Constant power regardless at distance Power significantly diminishes with increasing distance
Energy efficiency Point-to-point delivery. 100% of transmitted energy reaches receiver Widespread delivery. Only a small portion reaches the receiver. Remaining energy baths the environment
Safety UL, FDA and IEC approval. Point-to-point energy transmission does not leak to the environment Regulatory approval currently available only for micro-power systems. Environment bathed in unwanted RF radiation.
Interference No RF radiation. Does not impact cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth or other communication networks Potentially interferes with Wi-Fi, cordless and cellular communications
Type of energy Natural light. Approx 50% of the sun’s energy is IR. All living forms are accustomed to it Man-made radiation.
Public demonstrations Phone charging and many other smart devices with significant power requirements Mostly dim LEDs at short distances

We covered many of these differences in a recent Webinar. See it here

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