There are many reasons to prefer IR long-range power delivery over the alternatives, such as RF.  You’ll find that IR is superior in power, distance, efficiency and safety.

Here is a comparison of a few key parameters:

Infrared RF
Power Up to several watts Small number of Miliwatts
Power over distance range Constant power regardless at distance Power significantly diminishes with increasing distance
Interference No interference with communication networks Potentially interferes with Wi-Fi, cordless and cellular communications
Type of energy Natural light. Approx 50% of the sun’s energy is IR. All living forms are accustomed to it Man-made radiation
Energy efficiency. Point-to-point delivery. 100% of transmitted energy reaches receiver Widespread delivery. Only a small portion reaches the receiver. Remaining energy baths the environment
Public demonstrations Phone charging and many other smart devices with significant power requirements Mostly dim LEDs at short distances

We covered many of these differences in a recent Webinar. See it here

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