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As Wi-Spot wireless powered advertising displays gain traction in retail deployments, so do their use-cases. Having advertising displays at the point-of-purchase gives companies a unique edge in reaching their customers where they are making their purchasing decisions. While most of these deployments have focused on the shelf-edge and aisle entrances, checkout queues are an exciting new proposition.

A wi-spot wireless advertising display at a checkout queue
Wi-Spot advertising displays at the checkout queue

The checkout queue is a well-known hot spot for retailers. These areas tend to contain small gadgets or candies that often boost last minute ‘impulse’ sales. Wi-Spot advertising displays fixed to queue lines offer companies a unique opportunity to promote brand awareness and increase revenue for retailers.

Wireless ad displays for checkout queues

Let’s look at some of the unique advantages of Wi-Spot advertising displays at the checkout queue.

Improved customer experience

By displaying information such as product prices, promotions, and advertisements on wireless displays at the checkout queue, customers can stay informed and engaged while waiting in line. This can help reduce perceived wait times and improve the overall shopping experience.

Increased sales

Wireless displays can be used to promote impulse purchases by showcasing products or services that customers may not have otherwise considered. For example, a wireless display might advertise a special deal on a popular snack or beverage, prompting customers to make an additional purchase.

Greater operational efficiency

Wireless displays can also be used to display key performance metrics, such as the number of transactions processed and the average transaction time. This can help store managers monitor checkout queues and adjust staffing levels as needed, improving operational efficiency and reducing wait times. This, in return, also improves the customer experience.

Reduced costs

Compared to traditional signage and displays, wireless displays can be more cost-effective to install and maintain. For example, wireless displays can be updated remotely, eliminating the need for on-site maintenance and reducing downtime. Wi-Spots are also easy to get up and running as displays can simply be mounted to queue line posts and transmitters can be mounted to preexisting lighting tracks.

Overall, wireless displays can help retailers improve the customer experience, increase sales, and streamline operations, making them a valuable investment for checkout queues.

Wi-Spot: The ultimate tool for brands, retailers, and advertisers

Unveiled by Wi-Charge in early 2022, Wi-Spot is already proving to be a game changer for many retailers. Wi-Spot displays are powered by our AirCord™ over-the-air wireless power, allowing retailers, brands, and advertisers to market and use data analytics at the point-of-purchase. With easy installation and a user-friendly app, digital retail media is now available to all retailers regardless of size or location.

At Wi-Charge, we make smart devices even smarter by giving them virtually infinite power. Request more info about Wi-Spot and upgrade your business by contacting us today.



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