Full Wireless Display 

A Wi-Charge turnkey product, the Wi-Spot can be applied to various industries including grocery, retail, fashion, branding, advertisement, and more. With easy installation and user-friendly maintenance, this long-range wireless device is an easy way to utilize data analytics and boost sales. 

Current limitations 

Battery power is the limiting factor.
anufacturers limit smart features to preserve battery life and
end users are concerned that if batteries run out, they will get locked out.

Powered by Wi-Charge

Unleash the full potential with wireless power.
Users need not worry about batteries running out. 
Manufacturers can add power-hungry features such as dynamic wireless connectivity, face recognition, live video, corridor night light and much more.


Commercial and Hospitality properties 

MDU apartments and condominiums property managers

Homeowners and Airbnb property managers 

Anyone who wants a smarter home.

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