Our Solutions

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Wireless power enables smart locks to be smarter in access, data, and security.


Electric shades are growing in popularity offering convenience and function.


Dynamic signage at point of sale for easy updates and data analytics.


Smart faucets are part of any high design providing extra functionality.

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Game controllers always run low on batteries which means the end of fun.

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Your Device

Explore the possibilities of applying our technology to your use case here.

Wi-Charge wireless power solutions can support many devices and application, freeing them from power cords and the hassle of replacing batteries. With the continuous wireless power delivery to edge devices these devices can enjoy 100X more available power than batteries allowing them to offer new elevated power-hungry features.

The Wi-Charge AirCord technology empowers devices in the consumer space, industrial automation and in different commercial environments. As over-the-air wireless power can make their devices more potent and offer their end user an overall solution (in functionality, lifestyle of cost of ownership).