• 17
    May. 2018
    Wireless Power and the Water Tank

    When people see our demos, one of the first questions they ask is: will it charge _____ ?

    The answer depends on the average and peak power consumption of the product in question, but we typically see three categories.

  • 16
    May. 2018
    Will an iPhone charge from across the room and without wires?

    Can an iPhone be charged from across the room and without wires? Let’s find out in this video.

  • 9
    May. 2018
    Why is Charging Efficiency Important?

    Everything else being equal, one would prefer to be efficient and not inefficient.

    But with wireless charging, the end-to-end efficiency is even more important. Here’s why:

  • 3
    May. 2018
    Can Charging a Phone be as Seamless as Receiving an email?

    Once upon a time there was no email at all.
    A few years later, you had to use a modem to dial in and check email. Remember AOL?
    Now, it’s seamless. email just gets to your inbox. You don’t have to think about fetching it.
    Can wireless power be the same?

  • 26
    Apr. 2018
    Wireless Power Will Reduce Landfill Toxic Waste

    Batteries power our society. Our cellphones and smart devices, children’s toys, IoT devices – all run on batteries. The Government estimates that Americans discard more than three billion batteries every year. That’s about 180,000 tons of batteries, of which 86,000 tons are single use alkaline batteries.

    What can we do to reduce this waste?

  • 11
    Apr. 2018
    Absorption in Air and Wireless Charging

    Absorption in air is another factor that might limit useful distance for wireless charging technologies. The energy levels of different technologies decrease by different amounts when travelling through air.

  • 26
    Mar. 2018
    Diffraction, contained beams and wireless charging

    When a power beam ‘diverges’ (becomes wider), the distance of the transmitter from the receiver impacts the power capture ability. Let’s discuss the topics of ‘contained beams’ and the impact of diffraction on various power delivery methods.

  • 22
    Feb. 2018
    How much power does a device actually need?

    In all the excitement about wireless power technology, the amount of power that a device needs to operate is sometimes forgotten.
    How much power do typical devices need?