Who is the beta program for?

The beta is intended for OEMs and integrators seeking to add wireless power functionality to their products. During the beta the OEM will test Wi-Charge wireless power modules and integrate them with his product. Wi-Charge beta products are offered as either embedded modules or add-on accessories with standard interfaces.

The beta program is not intended for consumers, resellers, buyers of finished products, and hobbyists.

Why join our beta program?

  • Leapfrog your competition
  • Get early access to Wi-Charge long-range wireless power technology
  • Get a chance to influence commercial product specs

What do I get as a beta partner?

You’ll get a set of transmitter + 2 wireless power receivers; an SDK; and our technical support in integrating our modules into your products.

What specifications are offered*?

Wi-Charge is offering 3 options for beta sets:

  • RAYO (IoT and sensors applications)
    • Total delivered power 500 mW (12WH/day)
    • Range 10 m
    • Number of clients 1-50
  • KIIK (IoT and sensors applications, starter kit for mobile applications)
    • Total delivered power 1000 mW (24WH/day)
    • Range 8 m
    • Number of clients 1-10
  • LIGHTS (Contact Wi-Charge for availability) – PRELIMINARY
    • Total delivered power 2.5 Watt (60WH/day)
    • Range 5 m
    • Number of clients 1-4

Need higher power or longer range? Please ContactUs.

* Beta kits may vary (stock availability dependent)

What qualifies a candidate?

Wi-Charge wireless charging products and technology are attracting high interest. As a result we get large number of contact requests and applications for beta samples. Due to the large number of applications, we focus at the moment on following beta customers:

  • Device manufacturers seeking to integrate long-range wireless power technology into their products
  • Project integrators
  • Service providers / operators

We have not started yet active engagements with distributors / re-sellers and with private customers.

Please, specify in the form below an application (use case and business case) you would like to integrate the wireless power with (only send non-confidential information at this point).


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  • Company Name *
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  • Requested Beta Kit *
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